Seige of Vicksburg

May - July, 1863


This monument marks the area where the 48th was positioned just prior to its assistance in the 13th Corps attack along the Baldwins Ferry road, on May the 19th. This culminated in the battle for the 2nd Texas Lunette, which was guarding the Baldwin Ferry Road where it entered the CS lines. The attacks failed, and the 48th moved south for the attacks against the Railroad Redoubt, on the 22nd of May.


The position the 48th Ohio reached in its May 22nd attack against the railroad redoubt at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Landram's brigade suffered very heavily in this assault. The 130th Illinois and the 77th Ilinois lost their colors. The 48th, while pinned down for the entire afternoon, managed to keep their colors. They were pulled back during the night. Pictured is Capt. R. Hull, Cmdg., Co C, 48th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, re-activated.


This is the marker to Landrams Brigade, 48th Ohio, 77th Illinois, 130th Illinois, 19th Kentucky, on the top slope of the railroad redoubt in Vicksburg. This great fort guarded the entrance of the railroad from Jackson, as it entered the CS lines. The 48th did not reach the top of the slope, but was pinned down slightly in front of, and below, this marker.


Photographs above were taken by Ronnie Hull, Shreveport, LA


Landram marker. Photographed by Bruce Schulze.




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