Gayosa House-Memphis: Tenn.
       Sept. the 25. 1863

Maj. Genl. Wm T. Sherman
Comndg. 15th A.C.U.S.A.
My Dear General,
     I have just returned to this place for the practicing law. Whilst at Cincinnati, I met with your brother Senator John Sherman. I have promised him copies of your correspondence with me; and also, that I would give a true picture of the battle of Shiloh- its consequences, and of the leaders who, upon that memorable occasion, saved us a country, a home and an unperishable name.
     Herewith you will find a copy of a letter written by a Surgeon of the Post, and depositary of Public Monies, at Cin. Ohio, to the Prest. of the Bank of Lsalle in Memphis, to aid me in a legitimate way- as a cupple of the seince, to reregain some of the Money spent by me in raising four regiments to put down this rebellion.
     There are two things you never can desert- Your faithful friends- Your Country. In the hour of your difficulty and trial I stood by you when you were absent from, and assailed in Memphis; last Dec.
     Can, you, Genl. consistently get, your Genl. Grant to give me a letter to Genl. Hurlburt, and one to the Custom House officer at Cin. to grant me permission to bring good whiskey- Brandy, cigars and hams into Memphis- where you are- and in any part of his Dept. This privilege would enable me to make as much as would defray my expenses, and Keep up the spirits of my friends, whilst I am preparing claims and can Law cases for my clients, and writing out the full report of my connection with the Rebellion.
     Capt. McCoy, who will hand you this can explain to you the whole of my business here, and can assure you that my wounds unfit me for service. Genl. Hurlburt, Governor Todd of Ohio, and several others, have, since recommended me to the Prest. for a Brigadier General Ship. Fate must have its course.
        I am, general
        Your unbending friend,
           Peter J. Sullivan

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