Headquarters 48th Ohio Regt. O. V. I.
Paducah Ky. Feb. 26, 1862


My Dear wife.
     I am still here with my command. I expect an answer from you tomorrow to the letter which I sent you on the 21st. My time here, or destination, is not yet known. Nashville, I believe, has fallen into our hands; Columbus is evacuated by the Rebels who are Said to be counterattacking at Randolff a little this side of Memphis. We are still without arms, but hope to receive them in a day or two, and then I expect to move further out. The Knowing ones here think that the rebel lion is fast drawing to a close. So do I; but there is still hand fighting to be done ere pease is fully restored.
     I trust that both you and my dear children, are well. My thoughts Constantly dwell upon you and them. Should God in his goodness preserve and safely return me to the bosom of my family- for whom alone I exist- joy, piece an plenty will be our future.
     Mentally, I gaze down into the deep- deep, Face of my dear Filly and Love: Also when aroused by the quick thoughts of the kissing[?], I am like Niobe, transfixed between two tranqual eternities. Mine, indeed has been a checkered life, which may yet afford food for reflection, and materials for the pen, of the future histories.
     There is now, besides the $2,300.00 which I authorized you in my last letter to you from Capt. Breslin; a large Sum Owed to me Of the United States - partly for my Salary, and partly for organizing over three Other Regts, for this war, besides the present one, which I now command. You will Find in the bundle of papers and dockuments which I had sent you by Robert from Camp Dennison a petition drawen up and signed by me to the Legislature of Ohio; for a law to reimburse me for the times and means which I have freely and efficiently spent in support of the Union Cause. I have not as yet recd. a cent from the Government for all that I have done Struggle.
     Write to me very often- be fine to telegraph me in case of any sickness or Other misfortune which may befall you or my dear little children. I pray God to confort and take care of you all during my absence.

          Your Husband,
               Peter J. Sullivan

Mrs. Margarette Sullivan


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