West Milton Record - March 1905

Death of James Sowry
Feb. 25, 1905

In the death of Captain Sowry, our community loses a well known, honest, active, useful man. He has left an excellent record both as a citizen and a soldier. Besides having been in the English Army, he was the soldier of two wars in our country - the Mexican and Civil War.

In the late war he was rapidly promoted from the ranks to a captaincy, He was a fine drill master, strict in the discipline of his company but ever watchful for their welfare. He very skillfully handled his men in battle, and was ever ready to brave danger. He gave proof of this in a long service and in many bloody battles. On duty he was strict in discipline; off duty he mingled pleasantly with his men on their level in the camp, but a safe, trusted beloved leader on the march and in battle. His own patient, cheerful, ever hopeful disposition helped his men bear the heavy burdens of the soldier life. For skill and all soldierly competency he had the confidence of his higher officers. Promotion was several times offered to him but he had promised to stay by his men, as his honor was more to him than money and higher office. In short, his soldier's record of over three years was brilliant - unblemished - a monument more endearing than marble.

Capt. Sowry was born in Yorkshire, England, March 31, 1820, and was therefore nearly eighty-five years of age. He was married to Mrs. Hester Turnpaw Hoover, widow of Abram Hoover in 1851. To them were born two children, James and Thomas Sowry and by these two families there are sixteen children. Mrs. Hester Sowry, who died July 8, 1902, left nine children, of whom five were living at the time of her death.

Funeral services were held at the Christian Church, last Tuesday P.M., conducted by Rev. E. Y. Rush, assisted by Rev. Enos Pemberton and Rev. 0. P. Farnas. Many Grand Army comrades were present from the town, from Dayton, Pleasant Hill and other places. A large audience was present to attest their regard for the venerable soldier and citizen, and to express sympathy with all the bereft.


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