The 48th OVI at Shiloh

April 6-7, 1862

(Part 3)


Position of the Confenderates facing north. Shiloh branch in foreground,
48th OVI position up the further bank about 200 feet.

Initial position of the 72nd Ohio Vol. Inf. who were on the 48th OVI's right flank.

Initial position of the 70th Ohio Vol. Inf. who were on the 48th OVI's left flank

Right flank of Cleburne's Brigade who faced Buckland's Brigand (and the 48th OVI) facing north.
Shiloh branch is just behind the sign and Shiloh church is up the Corinth Road about 300 yards.
Click on the photo above to view a panorama of the left flank of the 48th's position.
The Panorama was taken about 100 yards north of the photo on same road.
At the left (facing west) you can see the monuments of the 70th Ohio (on right)
and 2nd Tennessee Infantry (larger one on left).
The first position of the 48th OVI is beyond these monuments in the woods another 200 yards.
Modern Shiloh church is on extreme right of photo (facing north).

Purdy Road facing West, behind 48th OVI camp (in woods to the left of photo)





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