The Battle of Sabine Crossroads
aka "The Battle of Moss Lane"
(Mansfield, LA)

April 8, 1864

Where, after a hard fight, the 48th OVVI was captured and later taken to Camp Ford prison in Tyler, Texas.



Newspaper account of the "Battle of Moss Lane" (aka Sabine Crossroads)
By Maj. Plyn Willis, 48th OVVI Surgeon

Contributed by Carolyn Srofe


Photographs taken by Michael Ilgenfritz, Shreveport, LA


Click above to view Mansfield battlefield map.
(1994 Mansfield State Commemorative Area Battlefield Map)


The rear of the 48th's position. Fence line is in the woods in the distance.


Fence line occupied by the 48th during the battle.


Fence line at the 48th's position.



"Sabine Cross Roads"
a poem by Billy R. M.
Fifer Co. C, 77 Illinois Vol.


Photos of the site of
Battle of Mansfield/Pleasant Hill (Sabine Crossroads)


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