48th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company Recruitment

Click on the county of interest on the map below for more information about the companies formed there.


Companies A, C and D were recruited from Clinton and Highland Counties
Company B was primarily recruited from Delaware County but appears to have had men from other areas as well.
Company E was recruited from Miami County.
Company F was primarily recruited from Defiance County.
Company G was primarily recruited from Brown County.
Companies H and I were composed of men transferred from the other companies that had more than 85 men.
Company K was recruited from Hamilton County. Members of Companies F, G, H and I also came from Hamilton Co.
Union County provided a handful of recruits to companies A, B, and K
Clermont County also provided recruits for Companies G, H, and K.


A Compilation of Correspondence Relating to the 48th OVI
to the Governor and Adjutant General, 1861-1866

Ohio Historical Society



The Companies of the 48th OVI were mostly recruited in nine different counties of Ohio. Ohio GenWeb can provide resources to find out more about soldiers of the 48th.

The OHGenWeb pages that follow are a good source of genealogical and historical information about specific soldiers.

Companies A, C & D
Highland County, Ohio

Companies A, C & D
Clinton County, Ohio

Company B
Delaware County, Ohio

Company A, B & K
Union County, Ohio

Company E
Miami County, Ohio

Company F
Defiance County, Ohio

Companies G, B & I
Brown County, Ohio

Companies G, H & K
Clermont County, Ohio

Company K and many Field & Staff
Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio



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