Mahlon Davis

by Joy Davis
Englewood, CO


My cousin (3rd cousin, 4 times removed) was Mahlon J. Davis, who enlisted Sep 1861 in the 48th Ohio, Co. A. He was killed during the siege of Vicksburg and buried there. My knowledge of him is sketchy. He was born 11 May 1837 in Hamilton Co., IN. His father died when he was young; his mother, Mary HAINES Davis Bradford, remarried and moved to Highland Co., OH. He was raised a Quaker, though it is not certain whether or not he left the Quakers before he enlisted. He married Sarah Francis Leaverton on 4 Dec 1858. (She is believed to have been an Ohio native.) He had two children, James Wilson Davis (b. 20 Nov 1859) and Mary Elizabeth Davis (b. 10 Mar 1861). Some records exist of the provisions made for his children after his death. He was said to have enlisted, probably in an Ohio regiment, and died during the Civil War. Sometimes Quaker families tried to supress such information.

Source: Eleanor M. Davis, author of "Davis: A Quaker Family" (privately published in 1985),

From the Cyrus Hussey Diary, 1863:

Sunday 24th
Lay in same position. M. [Pvt. Mahlon] Davis [Co. A] died about 2.00 A.M. Was buried in same place as Smith & Yost - M. Davis A. 48. O.V. - Wrote note to My Wife. Wrote to Mrs. Edna Smith of the death of her son Alanzo. Wrote to Mrs. Edna Yost of the Death of John Yost. Wrote to Mrs. Sarah Davis of the Death of her husband.
Cyrus Hussey


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