Lt. Col. Joseph W. Lindsey

Biography by S. E. Williams
Photographs and Additional Materials Provided by Ruth Beechem

Lieut. Col. J. W. Lindsey became commander of the 48th Ohio when Col. Sullivan resigned August 9, 1863. He commanded until Col. Parker again resumed command at Natchez, Mississippi in November 2, 1864.

Lieut. Col. Lindsey commanded the brigade during the battle of Sabine Crossroads because the brigade commander was sick. This left Major J. A. Bering in Command of the regiment during that battle. It was during the Battle of Sabine Crossroads that the 48th was captured.

During the battle of Shiloh, where he was wounded, J. W. Lindsey was a Lieutenant in Co. B. He was promoted to Captain and after the death of Major Motes often acted as Lieut. Col. Parker's second in command during the period Col. Sullivan was in Memphis serving on a commission. Capt. J. W. Lindsey was promoted to the vacancy created when Lieut. Col. Parker was mistakenly thought to have resigned. He served as Col. Sullivan's second in command during Sherman's campaign around Jackson, Miss. then assumed command of the regiment upon Col. Sullivan's resignation and commanded the regiment during the fateful Red River Campaign.




Col. J. W. Lindsey

Col. J. W. Lindsey
with his wife


Col. Lindsey's obituary: Delaware Gazette abstracts 1900-1904.

January 24, 1902 - Colonel J.W. Lindsey passed peacefully away last Wednesday at his home on Pennsylvania Avenue. He was born in Pike Co. Ohio March 23, 1830, and came to Delaware in 1852. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan Univ. in 1858, he became a permanent resident of the city, and has resided here since that time, with the exception of the years spent in the army. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. For many yeas he was a prominent business man in the city, conducting a bookstore on N. Sandusky St. The last time he was able to be out was Thanksgiving day, and since that time his health has gradually failed on account of dropsy. He is the last of a family of six children, his father and mother having died while he was attending college. Surviving him is his widow. Their only child having died many years ago. The funeral conducted by Dr. J.F. Shaffer, will be at St. John's English Lutheran Church.

January 28, 1902 - Obituary - Col. J.W. Lindsey was born in Pike Co. OH March 23, 1830 and was within 3 mo. of 72 yrs. when he died last Wednesday. He remained in the county of his birth until 1852; when he came to Delaware & entered O.W.U., graduating in 1858. During this time his mother and father died. He being the eldest of six children, he assumed responsibility and care of his brothers and sisters. At the age of 31 yrs. he enlisted as a private in Co. C of the 4th O.V.I. and entered the Civil War. After service of five months, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant an subsequently transferred to the 48th Reg't. O.V.I. and was regularly promoted until he received the rank of Lt. Col. He was wounded at Pittsburgh Landing. He also participated in Gen. Bank's Red River expedition, where he was wounded and taken prisoner, carried to Mansfield, LA. Here he remained for three months, then was exchanged, and returned to Camp Chase, OH, after which he returned to his regiment. On August 11th, 1864 he was married to Adelia Evans, Bishop Thompson conducted the service. The following year Mr. Lindsey embarked in the merchandise of books in this city, which he continued until 1896, viz: 31 yrs. Though Col Lindsey was the eldest of six, yet he outlived them all.... Written by Rev. J.F. Shaffer


Joseph and Adelia Lindsey's home at
229 N. Sandusky St., Delaware, Ohio


CERT 534138

BOX 47156, BUNDLE 23

Military Service

Joseph W. Lindsey, Co. 4, Reg't Ohio Inf (3 mos) was enrolled Apr. 21, 1861 and x, 1861
From Apr 20, 1861 to Aug 22, 1861 he held the rank of pvt and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows:

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Witnesses (Rec'd Feb 15, 1902) : Mame Parks and Ethel Richey; E. Lee Porterfield Probate Judge

Cemetery Records

The Oak Grove Cemetery Co, Delaware, Ohio: Jan. 30th, 1924 - Preparing Grave, for Adelia E. Lindsey $10.00; Chapel Service $3.00




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