Commanders of the 48th OVVI





Nov 23, 61* Col. Peter J Sullivan Shiloh April 7, 62 Col. Sullivan wounded at Shiloh
April 7, 62 Lt. Col. Job R. Parker Shiloh, Fallen Timbers May 12, 62 Lt. Col. Parker absent, sick
May 12, 62 Capt. Samuel G. W. Peterson Siege of Corinth June 2, 62 Lt. Col. Parker returned
June 2, 62 Capt. John W. Frazee   June 9, 62 Capt. Frazee absent, sick
June 2, 62 Lt. Col. Job R. Parker Holley Springs Skirmish (7/1) June 9, 62 Col. Sullivan returned
July 31, 62 Col. Peter J Sullivan   Dec 20, 62 Col. Sullivan sick in Memphis
[Leave SO from Gen. Hurlbut]
Dec 20, 62 Lt. Col. Job R. Parker Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post Jan 11, 63 Command relinquished during
battle for treatment of wounds
Jan 11, 63 Capt. Samuel G. W. Peterson Arkansas Post Jan 11, 63 Lt. Col. Parker returned
Jan 11, 63 Lt. Col. Job R. Parker Arkansas Post Jan 12, 63 Leave to recover from wounds
Jan 12, 63 Capt. Samuel G. W. Peterson   Mar 27, 63 Lt. Col. Parker returned
Mar 27, 63 Lt. Col. Job R. Parker Vicksburg Campaign** April 26, 63 Leave to recover 5/22 wounds
April 26, 63 Capt. Joseph W. Lindsey   June 3, 63 Col. Sullivan returned
June 3, 63 Col. Peter J Sullivan Siege of Jackson Aug 7, 63 Resigned
Aug 7, 63 Capt. John A. Bering   Oct. 22, 63 Lt. Col. Lindsey returned
Oct 22, 63 Lt. Col. Joseph W. Lindsey Sabine Crossroads April 8, 64 Assisting brigade commander
April 8,64 Maj. John A. Bering \Sabine Crossroads April 8,64 Captured at Sabine Crossroads
April 8,64 Most of Regiment captured. Remnant retreats with Division      
April 8,64 Capt. James R. Lynch - Col. Parker com. Brigade (4/18) Sabine Crossroads*** May 31, 64 Col. Parker returns from brigade
May 31, 64 Col. Job R. Parker   Jan 1, 65 Consolidation with 83rd OVI
Mustered out as supernumerary
Nov 3, 64 Regiment reunited with the paroled POWs      
Jan 1, 65 Capt. James R. Lynch   Nov 3, 65  
Jan 17, 65 Regiment consolidated with 83rd OVI      
Jan 17, 65 Lt. Col. William H. Baldwin Fort Blakely Oct 1, 65 Mustered out
Oct 1, 65 83rd OVI mustered out. 48th OVVI reactivated      
Oct 1, 65 Lt. Col. James R. Lynch   May 10, 66 Mustered out


*Appointed Lt. Col. July 27, 61, mustered Nov 23, 61, promoted to Col. 63.

**Vicksburg Campaign --The regiment participated in the following battles: Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Big Black River Bridge, Siege of Vicksburg (including the assaults of May 19 and May 22)

***A small remnant of the 48th OVI was not captured at Sabine Crossroads. The record of their experiences is not recorded. Col. Parker was in command of the brigade after his arrival so Capt. Lynch was the senior officer not captured. These men may have participated in the Battle of Pleasant Hill and other battles fought during Gen. Banks retreat.


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