48th OVVI

Images of the Soldiers
From the Collections of

Marcus S. McLemore
Joe Millazzo
Sue Boggs
Rev. C. David Long
Richard Anthony
Ruth Beechem
Mike Waskul
Mike Reid
Ralph Baughn
Don Worth
Barbara Bollenbacher
John L. Nau III
Michael West


Capt. Daniel Gunsaullus, Co. F
Pvt. Sam Hinkson, Co. B (with flag)
Capt. Andrew Cochran

Cpl. William R. Workman, Co. H
Pvt. Noah Workman, Co. H

Cpl. Henry J. Rausman
1st Lt. Samuel H. Stevenson, Adjutant

Col. Job R. Parker
Capt. James Sowry

George W. Trostel
1st Sgt. F. W. Hoeltzel

Unidentified images
Lt. Silas Simons
Cpl. Albert West

Col. Parker, Maj. Willis & Dr. Watt
Col. Job R. Parker

Capt. J. R. Lynch
Dr. B. Johnson

Lt. W. J. Srofe (RQM)
Negro Servants
Unidentified Officer

Col. J. W. Lindsey
Col. Lindsey and his wife

Sgt. Frederick S. Stevens
Sgt. John H. Stevens

Luke Foster (83rd OVI transfer)
Pvt. Wm. Reick
Pvt. Andrew Boram

Capt. Cyrus Hussey
Cpl. Thomas Wissinger, Co. E

Sgt. John A Ross, Co. G
Pvt. Calvin Crocker, Co. F

Sgt. David Carpenter, Co. I
Sgt. Frederick S. Stevens, Co. I

Corp. George W. Weeks, Co. I
2nd Lt. Harvey W. Day, Co. I

Pvt. Henry Howland, Co. I
Sgt. James G. Smith, Co. I

Pvt. James Jackson, Co. I
Pvt. Joseph W. Walker, Co. I

Corp. Noah Havens, Co. I
Corp. Randolph F. Bryant, Co. I

Corp. Robert H. Sroufe, Co. I
Pvt. Thomas J. Williams, Co. I

Probably Sgt. John A. Stevens, Co. I
Capt. Chas. A. Partridge, Co. G

Lt. Michael McCaffrey
William J. Shannon
Miscellaneous unidentified images



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