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What Are Little Pretties?


Little Pretties were vinyl kitties and puppies with brushable hair and tails. They were produced by Mattel from 1989-1991 (although a Mattel rep told me over the phone it was 1990-1994.) Little Pretties each had a symbol on one hip and came with some sort of accessory. Here is an example of a "tie-on ruffle" and a comb.


Some people think that Little Pretties are "knockoffs" or "fakies" of My Little Pony™ toys made by Hasbro and it might be true. Toy companies often look at what their competitors are doing and try to copy their success. I think that Little Pretties are more "knockoffs" than "fakies," because they are not low-quality toy horses. Mattel took the vinyl animal with brushable hair-idea and ran with it, creating, in my opinion, a superior product. I think kitties are far cuter than ponies, and the toys seemed to be of a better quality. Thicker plastic, turnable heads that could be removed without damaging the toy, prettier colors and beauty marks, and low prices (around $6.00 USD.)

Unfortunately for Hasbro and Mattel, little toy animals were going out of style in the US in the late 80's and early 90's, which was just when Little Pretties were starting up. The first run of My Little Pony™ ended in the US on its 10th anniversary in 1991, and Little Pretty™ ended after just two years in 1991. Hasbro brought back My Little Pony with a redesign in 1997 (which eventually failed) and again in 2003, meeting with success. The line is still running in 2006. I am sure many Little Pretty™ collectors wish Mattel would bring back Little Pretties, and perhaps they will, after witnessing the astounding success of My Little Pony™. All we can do is hope and wait.


Speaking of fakies, there were fakies made of Little Pretties as well. Here is one I have found. Frightening, no?


For More Information About Little Pretties...
(I have used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for several of the sites that have broken links)


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Collectible Vintage: Little Pretties by Mattel (Archived) Site that obviously took info. from Tabby without permission. But they had nice clear photos. Too bad most weren't archived.


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eBay This is one of the best places to find Little Pretties. I still use it to find LPs in their packages. Sorry, but I won't give you any hints about keywords. You can figure that out for yourself. ;)



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AbleStable®: Member Profile: Terry's She is a very nice woman who worked on a Little Pretty™ Commercial. If you have it, please send a copy to me or her. She lost hers and would like to have it for her resume. If it is digital you could just email it to us, or I would be happy to cover any costs if it is a hard copy.
Bio: Caren - Terry Another resume Motion Picture and Video Production California 310 Area Code Business Listing Look for Cimity Art (Cimity Art, or CimityArt, was the production company that made the Little Pretty™ commercial.)
AWN's Animation Industry Database: Companies By Animation Specialty: Profile (*smacks forehead* I really should have saved this on my machine.) I think this was originally a detailed profile for Cimity Art. Now it is a profile for another company. It is not in the Wayback Machine, but perhaps you can find it in another archive. Please let me know if you do.