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Welcome to My Little Pretty Web Page!

I am Mimi, your guide.

This is a place where you can identify your Little Pretty Pets toys.

Be sure to check out the pictures of never-released Little Pretty prototypes in the Dealer Catalog.

Take a look at the Forum, but remember to send me a separate email if you register!

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11/9/2012 Mint in Package Pics!

I am adding new pictures to the MIP sections!

2006 Grand Opening of my Little Pretties webpage!

Welcome to my new site everyone! If there are any errors, if you would like to contribute pictures or information, or you just want to comment you can contact me at:


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Thanks to my father, Don, my mother, Carley, Ruben, and everyone else who has helped and supported me on this project, and everyone who continues to do so. Thanks to Lovebeam a.k.a. cobralily for the at-cost Little Pretties! Thanks to Sea Glory for Perfuma, one of the last Little Pretties I needed. (Commissioned Mimi art above © Ruben Reyes and Sarah Worth.)

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