- 1/5/2005









Dealer Catalog

What is a dealer catalog, you ask? A dealer catalog is a list of items for sale that companies send to stores, and then the store decides what they will sell in the coming year. I will feature pictures of and information about Little Pretties™ from past dealer catalogs in this section.

Arco 1990

Mattel 1990

Mattel 1991

Mattel Girls Toys 1990 Repro Art Book

Note: I have asked about the 1989 and 1992 Mattel catalogs and the people who own them say that there isn't any information about LPs in them. I still do not know about a 1991 Arco catalog or a 1991 Mattel art book. If you have one or both, please let me know.

Dealer "Sizzle" Video