Recruited from southwestern Ohio in the Fall of 1861, the regiment was organized at Camp Dennison in October. The following April, as part of General Sherman's division, they found themselves at the very heart of the Confederate surprise attack at Shiloh, TN, only 30 days after having been issued their rifles. They participated in the siege of Corinth, the capture of Arkansas Post, and the subsequent Vicksburg Campaign, seeing considerable action during the siege of that city. In April of 1864, while a part of Gen. Banks' Red River expedition, the entire regiment was captured after intense fighting at the Battle of Sabine Crossroads (Mansfield, LA) and imprisoned at Camp Ford, near Tyler, Texas. Six months later they were paroled, and saw action again in 1865 as part of the attack on Mobile. The 48th OVVI was mustered out in Texas in May, 1866.





Complete Regimental History
by Maj. John A. Bering and Capt. Thomas Montgomery, 1880

Recruitment and Training
October 1861 - February 1862

Company Recruitment

Recruitment in the Regimental History
Visit Camp Dennison
Camp Dennison in the Regimental History

April 6-7, 1862

By Steamboat to Pittsburg Landing
The Official Record of the 48th OVI at Shiloh
A Perfect Whirl-Wind: Lt. Posegate's Letter
Sunday Battle at Shiloh
Visit the Shiloh Battlefield
Shiloh in the Regimental History

April 1862 to July 1862

The Siege of Corinth
Visit Corinth
Corinth in the Regimental History

July 1862 to December 1862

Corinth to Memphis
On Garrison Duty at Fort Pickering
Memphis in the Regimental History

Chickasaw Bayou
December 1862 to January 1863

"The Valley of Death"
Chickasaw in the Regimental History

Arkansas Post
January 5-14, 1863

Arkansas Post
Visit the Arkansas Post Battlefield
Arkansas Post in the Regimental History

Vicksburg Campaign
January 1863 to July 1863

Digging the Canal
Millikin's Bend in the Regimental History
To the Rear of Vicksburg
Rear of Vicksburg in the Regimental History
Siege of Vicksburg
Visit the Vicksburg Battlefield
Vicksburg in the Regimental History
Siege of Jackson

Jackson in the Regimental History


Red River Campaign & Capture
May 1864 to October 1864

Visit the Sabine Crossroads Battlefield
Sabine Crossroads in the Regimental History
Camp Ford: Life in a Texas Prison Pen
Visit the Site of Camp Ford

Camp Ford in the Regimental History

Mobile Campaign & Fort Blakely
March 1865 to April 1865

The 48th OVVI at Fort Blakely, Alabama
Visit the Fort Blakely Battlefield
The Mobile Campaign in the Regimental History

Garrison Duty in Post War Texas
June 1865 to May 1866

Murder in Galveston
Post War in the Regimental History

Battle Flags

The Four Flags of the 48th Ohio
The Flag the Rebels Didn't Get

A Flag in Prison

The Men of the 48th Ohio Inf.

Commanders of the 48th Ohio Inf.
Parker vs Sullivan: The War of the Colonels
God Speed the Day... : Albert West's Letters
I Am Not Whipped... : Wm. J. Srofe's Letters
Kiss the Baby for Me: John Richardson's Letters
Capt. Cyrus Hussey's Diary
Veterans of the 48th OVVI

Photograph Album: Soldier CDVs
Ohio Veteran Medals
Killed, Captured, & Officers from Reg. History

The 48th OVVI Remembered

Additional Resources
General Histories of the Regiment
Online Resources Related to the 48th OVVI

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The 48th OVVI website is dedicated to

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